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Actisol® E-IV E-IV Wall Mount Unit

This uniquely designed twin nozzle, electric powered ULV unit will treat areas up to 300,000 cubic feet. The E-IV includes its own wall mounting brackets and features dual nozzles which can be individually adjusted for directional spray with a choice of chemical flow rates ranging from 1.5 to 5 OPM (44-148 ml/min). E-IV options include separate wall brackets to hold either a 2.5 or 5 gallon (18 litre) jug/pail, automatic timer and handcart (includes automatic timer). Whether treating an open or divided areas prescribed amounts of chemical per area can be determined by the timer controls and or selected chemical flow rates.

The optional hand cart transforms the E-IV to a mobile chemical dispersal unit. The powder coated cart was designed with total portability in mind - it includes a space to hold up to a 5 gallon chemical container, a securing strap, a mounted 24 hour timer with protective cover and a cable wrap for extension cord storage.

Actisol® E-IV E-IV Wall Mount Unit

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