Wheat Field



How many months of insect control will you get with the normal rate of Diacon Plus and PBO-8?

12 months

Can I treat the grain before it goes through a dryer?


Can I use Diacon Plus and PBO-8 as a bin spray?

Yes. Use 1oz Diacon Plus with 1.5oz PBO-8 per 1 gallon of water per 1,000 square feet.

Can I use Diacon Plus and PBO-8 as a perimeter spray?

Yes, at the same rate as bin spray. Needs to be done once or twice a month to control insects that come from surrounding areas.

How do I apply the material to my grain?

In general, mix products in water and apply to the grain stream at a rate of 3 to 5 gallons per 1,000 bushels of grain. Use some type of jet tip to achieve a course droplet of spray. Best to keep pressure at 25 PSI or under. Consult with Real McCoy Enterprises for assistance in calibration.

What kind of equipment do I need to spray my grain?

You need a tank that holds from 15 to 270 gallons depending on the amount of grain you are moving per day. The tank needs to be connected to 110 volt 3 gal/min pump plumbed with a directo valve, a pressure regulator, pressure guage, a return line for agitation and a supply line with a spray tip for application.

Where is the best place in my system to apply the spray?

This varies with your equipment and setup. The key is to find a point that the tip applies the product to the grain stream with good pattern.

Do I need a pesticide applicators license?

For Diacon IGR, Diacon Plus, Centynal EC, PBO-8, and Crop Spray, you do NOT need a pesticide applicators license. That is one of the features our customers love! For Weevil-cide products, a PAL is required.

Can these products be used as a rescue treatment (an alternative to fumigant)?

Yes, if you discover bugs in your grain and need to treat immediately before shipping the grain, you can use a combination of Centynal EC and PBO-8. If you plan to keep the grain longer, it is recommened that you use Diacon Pus and PBO-8 as it contains the Centynal EC and will kill the bugs as well as prevent further infestations.

Is there a tool I can use to calculate how much product I need to use to treat my grain and/or bins?

Yes, we have created a product calculator in the form of an excel spreadsheet for your convenience to use as you determine the amount of product to use. Email info@realmccoy.ag to request one just for you.