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Bobby Ogletree, owner of Ogletree Seed, Inc near Milner, Ga, has been using our products for six years. He said, "I am very satisfied with the control I've experienced using Diacon Plus and PBO-8 and was happy to see the new 3 way product , Gravista, introduced in 2022. I treat wheat and also use it on stored corn. Not having to mix makes it so much more convenient."

Tony Faircloth,  Arabi Grain said, "We have used these products for several years and the results have been great. The service is excellent with accurate  advice and getting product to us in a timely manner. We look foward to doing  business with Real Mcoy for a long time."

Jared Gillis of Gillis Brothers in Millwood, GA has used Crop Spray and Diacon IGR combo for two years to fog his bins.  He also applies Gravista, our new three way product, to his stored corn. He comments, "We are very satisfied with the control we've received using these products and like the idea of fogging inside our bins and under the floor."


Charles Smith, River Ridge Farms said “I have used Diacon Plus and PBO-8  for 3 years to treat my  stored corn.

Very satisfied with results and definitely plan to use it in 2020!”

Mike Chandler, Chandler Farms said, “I have used Diacon Plus and PBO-8 for 3 years on corn and am pleased with the results and plan to use this product again this year!”

Butch Cobb, Agrowstar explained "Pest control, in the grain business, can mean the difference in a profit or a loss.  Ever since our introduction to the prevention treatment combination of Diacon plus and PBO-8, we have had great success with bug prevention.  With successful application, we have stored wheat an entire year without the need of additional treatment.  We also have great results using the Centinal/ PBO-8 combination as a rescue treatment in the event of an infestation.  These are the best products on the market for bug prevention! “


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